Want to contribute/get involved?

Think you could be a writer for us? Developer? Something else?

Feel free to pitch us, at [email protected]. Here’s a good structure to craft such an email (clip from this time-code for a few minutes):

A talk I gave in 2014, at 21 years old.

We’ll be hiring people from the world over.

Please do not include more than one attachment in any cover note. And please don’t include a résumé. We don’t care where (or even whether) you went to school.

On this, we can’t get back to everyone. But we’ll be in touch with those who stand out. If you haven’t heard from us within four days, please assume on this occasion we have not taken up your offer.

If you are potentially interested in contributing funding to Listening to the Other Side, please write to us at: [email protected]. As the .org URL should give away, this will be a not-for-profit. Provisionally: a 501(c)(3).